Motul oil vs

The difference between racing oil and street oil is largely characterized by the base oil chemistry and various additive packages specified by engine manufacturers. Additive packages contribute multiple levels of lubrication efficiency and protection — including anti-wear, friction reduction, rust and corrosion resistance and detergent and dispersant qualities — that help keep engine internals clean and functioning properly.

Effects of racing on oil. The discoloration is the result of oxidation, which is caused by heat, soot and other combustion carbon byproducts that blow by the rings. Those engines produced about horsepower. These formulas evolved with complementary qualities engineered to accommodate a broad range of operating conditions, including catalytic converter preservation and long-term emissions compliance.

But many contemporary motor oils have reduced anti-wear qualities as late-model engines enjoy fewer critical high-friction challenges.

That leaves early performance engines or modified racing engines equipped with flat-tappet cams and high valve-spring pressures at risk with current motor oils. Oil suppliers incorporate additive packages they deem necessary to meet the requirements of specific applications.

To maintain consistency throughout the industry, the American Petroleum Institute API — working in concert with major automakers through the trade group, International Lubricants Standardization and Approval Committee ILSAC — recommend voluntary minimum performance standards and chemistry restrictions.

Those formulas, however, may not provide enough protection for modified performance engines, particularly during engine startup and break-in. Zinc, along with phosphorus, sulfur and sometimes other elements, comprise these anti-wear additives. By itself, the element zinc provides absolutely no benefit in engine oil.

The chemical compounds containing the additional elements actually provide the sacrificial phosphate layer that, under high pressure and temperature, protects highly loaded sliding surfaces against wear damage. Understanding anti-wear additives. Matching viscosity and clearances is critical. This type of wear and damage can occur when the wrong oil formula is used in an engine.

The decrease in anti-wear additives coincided with steady improvements to additive chemistry and oil formulation across the board. Though modern engine platforms have incorporated lower-friction components to reduce the need for anti-wear additives, new production engines also have a much greater power-to-displacement ratio and a life expectancy in excess ofmiles. With every new API oil specification, the requirements for wear protection, corrosion protection, and cleanliness increased, in spite of an overall reduction in anti-wear additive.

Some oil companies offer API-licensed oils for production engines as well as formulas for performance street engines.What oil should you use in your vehicle? The most important factor when choosing an oil is its viscosity. That means a 0W20 oil flows like water when cold for easy starting, but thickens as it is pumped through the engine and heats up to better adhere to and lubricate internal components.

Valvoline founder Dr. John Ellis is credited as the inventor of motor oil, creating products for steam engines and later worked with Ford to make a formulation for the Model T. Valvoline NextGen meets all the standards for a conventional oil, but it costs less than many major brands and is made with 50 percent recycled oil. When Scientific American reported on the oil when it first came to market, they found that the refining techniques used to create this formulation allowed it to meet all the API requirements as a standard motor oil.

Since then, other options using recycled base oils have hit the market, allowing buyers to maintain their vehicles while having a lower impact on the environment. Valvoline is one of the few oil manufacturers who backup their high mileage oil with a guarantee.

motul oil vs

If your engine has undermiles on it, you can register it in a program that will give you some warranty protection from the company provided that you keep up on maintenance records and only use their oil. Valvoline MaxLife SAE 5W30 — Using the latest breakthroughs in distillation, this engine formulation is engineered for the issues facing high mileage engines. This oil helps by reducing friction, removing corrosive deposits and helps prevent oil leaks.

Many of the cars in top level motorsports use Mobil 1. The company prides itself on its motorsports partnerships. Their testing and development of oils designed for demanding racing conditions has worked its way into their consumer products. Turbocharged motors are notorious for high oil consumption due to the extreme heat generated by the turbo bearings, and with their adoption across the industry as a way to increase fuel efficiency, this is becoming an issue for not just sports cars, but regular consumer cars and trucks as well.

Despite being highly refined and processed, they can be fairly affordable if you keep an eye out for sales and rebates.

motul oil vs

There are also higher-end synthetic oils like Royal Purple, Motul and Amsoil. However, they offer at least the same level of protection as more affordable, widely available synthetics.

That means rather than fixing the problem, they can actually accelerate engine wear. Synthetic and conventional oils with the same viscosity will flow exactly the same way. This makes it a great choice for older vehicles that are only used occasionally such as antique cars and winter beaters.

Hot Rod magazine has experimented with their lubricants and managed to get more power out of a classic car and improving the fuel economy on a late model Ford pickup by switching to their oil and transmission fluid. There are many supporters of their Defy High Mileage blends who have run the oil in vehicles that have anywhere fromtomiles on their engines. That translates to lower friction, maintaining power and fuel economy.

motul oil vs

The brand works hand-in-hand with automotive manufacturers to develop oils for their engines and recently became the official oil supplier for Ferrari. The s? The 90s?

Amsoil led the way, bringing lubrication technology developed for fighter jets to the automotive market in the s, beating their competitors by almost two decades. Their synthetic formulations were the first to be recognized by the American Petroleum Institutethe same API that formulates all the standard performance tests for oil that automakers design their engines and lubrication systems around.

Despite this leading position, the company has remained a small, family-owned enterprise with a focus on quality over sales. Since it was founded, the company has stayed at the leading edge of oil development, concentrating on motorsports applications.

Instead of working with a single high high profile series, they sponsor a wide range of racing events in the U. According to promotional materials and advertisements, each brand and formulation of engine oil is the best oil, offering unparalleled engine protection, fuel economy and performance. As long as the requirements of your engine are met, the oil is safe to use in your vehicle. Let other readers know by leaving a comment below!

Both are great oils. Best Conventional.Best Pick. Check Price.

Total vs. Motul after 15,000 km - Is it worth paying twice as much for Motul?

General Specifications. About the Product. Pioneers in synthetic lubricants, Motul has developed the V Motorsport range based on the unique ESTER Core technology that gives you unrivaled power increase, outstanding lubrication and optimal protection for your vehicle, creating the perfect conditions for ultimate victory! Mobil 1 5W meets or exceeds the requirements of the industry's toughest standards and outperforms our conventional oils. Mobil 1 technology comes as standard equipment in many different vehicles, including select high-performance vehicles.

SAE Viscosity Grade.

Why I use Motul 7100 instead of 300V

Engine Type. What customers say about "Key Specs". Height Width Depth Weight. Canister Material. Temperature Range. Above existing Motorsport standards, Rally-Short distance race. Advanced full synthetic formula, Outstanding thermal and oxidation stability, Excellent low-temperature capabilities. ACEA Classification. API Classification. What customers say about "Features". Mobil 1 0W Advanced Full Synthetic. Mobil 1 Extended Performance 5W Advanced full synthetic formula.

Best Motor Oils. Best Engine Degreasers. Best Oil Extractors. Best Fuel Injector Cleaners. Best Engine Hoists. Best Carports. Best Motorcycle Lifts. Best Car Remote Starters. Best Leather Steering Wheel Covers. Best Fuel Injector Cleaning Kits. Best Car Wash Soaps.Time for an oil change. To be honest, I did like the V. At the recent Singapore Bike show, I had the opportunity to speak to the technical representative at the Motul booth. Not that the V is not good. I found an excellent technical writeup on engine oils here.

The author is a medical doctor and surgeon by training. But he has taken interest in motor oils since high school and have been studying the viscosity properties of motor oils. He continues this curiosity with the study of flow mechanics of human blood. Warning — VERY technical writeup here. But I shall extract a paragraph he wrote:. Often these have more additives that are toxic to your catalytic converters and the environment. These oils generally do not have detergents.

These are very important for your engine unless you plan on taking it apart every few weeks and cleaning every single surface. Of course, Motul claims that the V is suitable for catalytic converters and I believe them! But yup. Separately, I also found what appears to be advise from a Motul rep on another forum :. Hey Alex. The reason is largely due to the difference between the two products. The v is a high performance oil.

8 Best Engine Oils for the Average Driver in 2020

Conversely, the oil, when compared with similar oils would be in the middle, or higher end of the spectrum — a little thicker, more durability, etc. The is best-suited for street riding. Which means greater film strength and natural adherence of the oil to the metal surfaces, resulting in greater protection as compared to the more common PAO-based synthetic lubricants.

Wow really learnt a lot from your posts. Keep it up with the posts.We hope you love the products we recommend and just so you know that as an Amazon Associate MyEngineNeeds may earn from qualifying purchases. No crude oil is used when manufacturing synthetic oil and this enhances the performance of any engine.

It is resilient to evaporation with all types of vehicles and recommended by race car drivers. Some drivers report the oil lasts up to miles before minimal oil top-up is required. This oil cleans your engine and prevents heat build-up. With the 5W40 synthetic feature it reduces wear on your engine. When using this oil your engine starts instantly in the winter and has high performance in harsh temperatures. Motul has been around for more than years and has been manufacturing synthetic oil for over 50 years, ensuring you of a trustworthy supplier.

This Motul product has also been approved by major car manufacturers like BMW, Porsche, Mercedes Benz and VW which makes it one of the most recommended synthetic oils on the market. Unlike most oil products on the market this oil is affordable plus the shipping for the product is free. Motul is not recommended by all car manufacturers. This oil is not suitable for aviation engines due to the leaded fuels they use.

Motul Synthetic Engine Oil comes in a 5 litre container. The container gives you the convenience of carrying the oil when travelling away from home. This gives you peace of mind because you can drain and refill the engine oil even when you are far from home.

And just like its name suggests, the oil has been processed through distillation to ensure that all the impurities that are present in crude oil are removed.

You can therefore use the oil on any engine. The other advantage is that the oil is not selective. It can actually be used on any engine that runs on gasoline or diesel. Since the oil is synthetic, it works by removing all the deposits that might have found their way into the engine. The oil is cheap because the price is inclusive of shipment fee. Owing to its synthetic nature, the engine can be filtered after every drain and poured back into the engine.

The oil comes with a viscosity of 5W. This means that the oil creates a thick layer of lubrication between the moving parts which prevents them from being damaged by friction. The oil maintains its form even when the weather becomes cold. This oil therefore gives you an edge during winter because your engine will be starting instantly.

As a matter of fact, the oil helps in preventing heat from building up in the engine. The good thing is that the oil can never be broken down by heat. You can therefore run the engine for many hours without experiencing leakages.

Evinrude Johnson Engine Oil comes in three gallons.I believe most modern Conti car engines will require a little more than 4L of engine oil and i think Motul took this into consideration when it launched this product. What I like Its really value for money considering that its in a 5L bottle. The bottle is also well designed as it has a collapsable spout to assist in the pouring out the engine oil so it doesn't spill all over the engine bay What I do not like None really 1 Review Photo s Sdfk NOS-ed The rank of the users represents his repuation, the higher the rank, the better the repuation is.

Ranks are in ascending order. NOS-ed 8. Turbocharged 9. Supercharged Clutched 6. Neutral Newbie More about the ranking system click here.

The higher the points, the higher the rank. Car was already using the usual oil recommended from the agent. Since it would probably be the last oil change, wanted to try something different. Seem a huge improvement overall. What I like better then most oil as can feel the difference What I do not like price a tad more ex but worth it Imac 6th Gear The rank of the users represents his repuation, the higher the rank, the better the repuation is.

For morning cold start, the start up is more responsive and idling slightly better compared to Shell when new. Low speed driving and power is about the same as Shell.

Overall slight improvement from Shell. What I do not like Nil 2 Review Photo s Victorco 5th Gear The rank of the users represents his repuation, the higher the rank, the better the repuation is. Thanks the event org for creating the event. Workshop I went to were commenting "How come use such expensive oil this round?

Just changed my oil to Motul X-Cess 5W40 last week drive feel the same nothing different, only driving for 1K the engine felt smoother and more responsive to throttle input maybe the cleaning agent is doing it job. Engine feel more willing and rev more easily doesn't sound rough or sluggish like some EO when rev even new. Previously used few different type of EO arranged according to most to least prefer EO. Mobil Gold 3. Bardahl 4. Redline 5.

Turtle Logo EO 6. Shell Btw I am driving a 08' Honda Stream with mileage currently K already so there maybe some horse dead over the mileage that why engine more responsive but mileage never improve.

I have been using this engine oil for a couple for days now, but this is the first oil that I have used that there was an immediate difference. I noticed how much quieter the engine idles right away. I feel that acceleration is smoother too. Fuel economy is about the same though. Although its slightly more expensive than other premium engine oil, I think its worth the money if you want the best oil for your car. What I like Good performance Less engine oil Piece of mind that it has all the required additives for turbo engines What I do not like Price Ease of availability as some workshops do not carry this brand Janling3 6th Gear The rank of the users represents his repuation, the higher the rank, the better the repuation is.

After observing for the first KM, here is my feedback: 1.Display Options. Already know the part number you need? Click here to enter them directly into your cart. If you are an international customer who ships to a US address choose "United States delivery" and we will estimate your ship dates accordingly.

If you are an international customer and would like to change the currency that prices are displayed in, you can do so here. Car, truck, motorcycle, or boat—no matter what the vehicle, MOTUL makes high-quality oils and lubricants to keep it running strong.

During its plus years in business, MOTUL has developed a broad line of products—from motor oils and gear oils to chain lubricants and antifreeze.

Make Summit Racing your source for the entire line of MOTUL products, including engine oil, brake fluid, transmission fluid, coolant, motorcycle shock and fork oils, and more.

What is this? Loading Today Estimated International Date Loading Today. If you purchase this part, your order can only be shipped by ground. Classic Performance 20w50 1 Liter, Each. Low Price Guarantee.

Why I use Motul 7100 instead of 300V

We're so confident in our low prices, we offer a Beat-a-Price Guarantee: We'll beat our competitors' advertised prices on any identical, in-stock product proof of advertised price required!

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