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Synovos Integrated Supply Services engage your entire supply chain in developing a flexible and customized MRO solution that delivers maximum savings and efficiency gains. Building on our subject matter expertise and industry-leading best practices earned over plus years, we optimize your inventory, identify usage trends, eliminate duplicates, reduce costs, ease transaction processing and more.

We leverage that buying power for you. During all Integrated Supply engagements, our team of industry experts evaluates your data to identify improvement opportunities.

mro integrator

We then standardize that data and physically inventory your spare parts when necessary to improve accuracy. The verified data is then used to leverage spend, develop an inventory strategy for your location or network, streamline storeroom operations, and generate more effective maintenance procedures, including how material is ordered, received, stocked, issued and invoiced.

Our integrated supply programs offer in-depth specialties. Each offers complete visibility and tracking of agreed upon Key Performance Indicators KPIsallowing you to see how and where our services are most effective:. These experienced MRO buyers and analysts are trained in recognizing trends relevant to your business as well as the entire MRO industry.

They have the flexibility necessary to act on those trends, making purchasing decisions that generate savings for you. The goal is to provide clients with the right spare part at the right time for the right cost.

As the center of the MRO supply chain, the storeroom is where materials are received, stored, issued, requested, etc. Optimizing the design and overall operation — staffing, layout, design, safety — contributes significantly to overall supply chain performance.

Synovos logistics and inventory management services provide additional opportunities to reduce material costs and improve uptime without impacting product availability. These services go beyond buying leverage and storeroom operation efficiency gains. Learn More. Synovos Supply and Assets. In sync.

Explore the possibilities Contact Us. Contact Us.Many organizations recognize they have an MRO problem but react differently in seeking a solution. Here's how an MRO integrator can help. For any internal MRO management program, maintaining consistency in parts ordering, pricing, stocking, tracking, etc.

Consistency in staffing, corporate directives and discipline is essential, especially considering the disproportionately high amount of resources needed to properly manage MRO.

In a manufacturing environment when new production or packaging equipment is introduced so too is a new list of required spare parts, maintenance plans and other elements. But what happens to the previous equipment and its spare parts? In most cases, absolutely nothing.

Parts remain in the storeroom waiting to be used. Additionally, the new spare parts are often purchased with a lack of regard for how often a specific part is needed, thus inflating inventory even further.

Direct and Indirect Purchase

The storeroom becomes bloated and finding parts becomes more challenging, further eroding maintenance efficiency. Outsource to a third-party service provider with an establish capability in MRO supply chain management, from sourcing to issuance integrator. Many organizations recognize they have a problem but react differently in seeking a solution. Some approach the challenge by solving it internally, focusing on one or two elements, like piece price.

Some ignore it, hoping it will solve itself. Others are more strategic, willing to pass on short-term gains — or settle for limited gains — in order to earn long-term benefits in processes and efficiencies. The role of an integrator in an outsourced solution is to understand how decisions like purchasing new equipment impacts other elements of the MRO supply chain. The ability to recognize opportunities that drive savings, improve efficiency, and deliver value is what differentiates integrators from the other approaches.

That value is realized in any number of ways, including introduction of new supply chain management software, continued piece price savings, parts commercialization, point-of-use operations, centralized procurement services, etc. The point being that an integrated supplier has the resources available to drive sustained value more so than most internal operations. The first example involves a life sciences manufacturing company based on the East Coast of the United States.

The company manufactures a range of medical treatment options, including pain medication and vaccines. One of its manufacturing plants was looking to consolidate equipment, eliminating it from storage through disposal or other methods. The integrator team then cataloged the equipment, took pictures and coordinated with the client to identify what equipment could be included in the sale and what had to stay or get scrapped. The online auction was active for about a month, returning more than a quarter million dollars in realized savings.

The program success is driving additional asset relocation programs at the same site and others owned by the client. Successful examples, however, are not about a singular event, but how a strong process realizes significant gains over time.

For a third client, a large manufacturer on the West Coast of the United States, a procurement-only arrangement with an integrator eventually grew to a full-service program after a review of activity revealed a savings opportunity.

Traditionally, the storeroom attendant on duty would record on paper when items needed to be ordered and share that information with procurement. Through implementation of its disciplined procurement process, the integrator peeled back layers of the operation, exposed savings opportunities and created overall process improvement. In one such case, an order was received for 12 identical spare parts because existing stock fell below the required minimum. In one case, duplicate elbow fittings were discovered listed under four different brand names.

By communicating with the client and limiting the part to a single brand, the company reduced inventory and saved significant costs. In each one of these examples, and the dozens more available, the integrator did not act alone.MRO Solutions L. This is our 1 Target. The use of our products will keep your Machines, Pumps, Valves, and all moving parts and related equipment working at Peak Efficiency.

When equipment is in need of repair, Maintenance and Engineering Staff rely on MRO Solutions' line of products for quick turn around, limiting machine down time. The first products launched were our line of specialty High-Temperature Antiseize lubricants.

These products prevent seizing of threaded fasteners and protect metal from corrosion, rust, and galling. All of our Solutions are High Quality, Time-Tested Formulations that stand up to the rigors of the toughest conditions.

MRO Solutions provides choices for your chemical products through our nationwide distributor network — offered at competitive prices, with the best terms in the industry and a focus on building long-term relationships. We continually expand our product line to support your maintenance and operations.

Whether those needs are for lubrication, sealing, bonding, clearing, degreasing, or rust protection at low and high temperatures, we have the Solutions for you. Howard St. Made in America. Niles, IL Great supply management combined with technical know-how can bring benefits to your business far beyond those in the storeroom.

Our experienced teams will help you uncover operational improvements in your supply chain and show you how to leverage those changes to deliver real cost savings and enhanced productivity. We thoroughly review everything from the way your stores are laid out through to the quality of the data you use to run them.

Our specialist staff are OnSite with you, taking full responsibility for procurement, inventory and supply chain management. Working with our customers to integrate the latest MRO methods, processes and technology benefits into their maintenance supply chain and procurement functions with added engineering know-how.

And better still, how to get rid of them. UK industry invests millions every year on indirect stock for its production processes, from hand tools through to hydraulic motors, inverters and motors. However, research undertaken in conjunction with The Institute of Engineering and Technology IET and their members highlights how the performance of factory storerooms and inventory control is all-too-often overlooked, and how that could impact on the efficiency and productivity of your site.

There is also a spreadsheet that will help you collect facts, figures and identify next steps to further help you convince stakeholders to rethink parts supply for wide ranging benefits. Moving your purchasing processes to paperless E-Business will reduce your costs, improve the control and reliability of your product ordering and supply, and increase your efficiency.

And, when a replacement part is required, finding it wastes an average of almost a quarter of an hour — every part, every time. We all remember when that devastating Japanese tsunami struck inbut one of the untold industry stories was the potential threat it placed on the MRO Supply Chain.

Several industry sectors, many overnight, went from feeling totally stable in the ability of their Japanese suppliers, continuing to meet deadlines, to wondering when, and even if, facilities would reconvene and the supply chain would resume. Whilst undergoing a warehouse move, our customer wanted to us to relocate and install a new ERP system. Find out how we achieved this and designed and carried out training for the customer on the new ERP and 5s. A large food manufacturer found their current inventory management solution to be causing long walk and wait times for their engineers.

They decided to move towards vendor-managed inventory to eliminate the issues When your existing stock system is located over multiple areas of the site with missing or innaccurate trigger cards, it is time to investigate other inventory management solutions to improve efficiency For all general enquiries use the Enquire Online form - we'll connect you with the best member of our team for your query.

Alternatively, look up your local service centre We are proud to boast a strong team of technical specialists in each of our product and service areas. If you have a technical question a member of our team would be happy to help. As part of this goal we encourage customers to submit feedback on their experiences so we can resolve any issues and concerns.

Your Recent Searches. Our Locations. Scaleable Solutions. Read More. Download the Infographic. Facts at Your Fingertips. An optimised store should not only maximise efficiency but become a profit centre in its own right.

Improve efficiency through Best Practice outsourcing, to ultimately realise more profit. Simple steps towards more effective stock and storeroom management. Factory Stores: Manufacturing's Necessary Evil. Download our Research Paper. Download Presentation.Maintenance, Repair and Operating supplies MRO has been a challenging spend category for companies across all sectors — from chemicals to consumer goods.

Poor spend data visibility, fragmented supplier base, high impact on plant uptime and non-compliant spending are just some of the challenges companies have to tackle while addressing MRO spend.

Kearney-conducted research at recent MRO sourcing events. So how are the best performing companies managing such a complex category and delivering significant results? What are the top strategies that companies can deploy to strategically manage MRO spend? MRO model selection has probably one of the biggest impacts on future spend, and hence it is a critical lever to consider. There are primarily three supply market models for MRO:. When it comes to selecting the MRO model, one-size does not fit all.

Each model has its pros and cons. It truly depends on category factors such as spend profile, service needs, stakeholder expectations and more. It is imperative that companies holistically assess these category demands and then undertake a robust market evaluation process to determine the best fit supply model and preferred partners. In addition to supply model selection, companies can also realize savings from fully leveraging spend across business units or geography.

Integrated Supply

Many companies continue to have different suppliers across their key businesses. Even within the same business and sub-category, there are a significant number of tail spend suppliers being utilized. All this results in significant loss of spend leverage and leakage. To achieve full benefits, it is critical to look at cross-BU leveraging opportunities with common distributors capable of meeting service needs for all relevant stakeholders.

MRO market is maturing aggressively and there are a lot of supply options for companies to benefit from spend leveraging. To reduce spend leakage outside of the preferred supplier programs, companies need to establish strong compliance reporting. Communicating the preferred program to stakeholders, identifying and transitioning repeat tail-spend vendors, carefully monitoring P-card usage are just some of the mechanism that can help to reduce spend leakage and ensure full volume leverage with preferred suppliers.

mro integrator

North America and Europe markets have matured in the last few years, with many top suppliers able to provide significant coverage. Moreover, there is also a large percentage of SKUs that are bought new each year. These SKUs can be locked-in the contract upfront to ensure competitive pricing for end-users. For spot spend, companies can negotiate discounts off supplier list prices or fixed mark-ups.

In addition to SKU pricing, companies should also consider receiving volume incentives from preferred suppliers to ensure benefits are realized from growing the annual program spend with preferred suppliers. In summary, although MRO is complex category to manage, significant benefits can be achieved by prioritizing strategic approaches listed here. I would like to understand your input if all operations are independently operating and procuring requirements, there is no common system and the supplier bases has little overlap, but not specific to their Operations.

What would be the best plan and areas of approach? MRO Procurement is critical issue to organisation. Suplier selection for MRO Procurement play a vital role. There are certain components for which limited number of suppliers is better idea for maintaining strategic relationship and for some components immediate availability is important rather than relationship in that case wider network of supplier is important.

Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.Did you know that inventory and the related procurement and replenishment processes provide the largest opportunity for removing costs relating to MRO materials?

By implementing our software, you can lower your costs, simplify your processes and leverage relationships with your suppliers.

Top 5 Suppliers of Maintenance, Repair, and Operations Services from 2016-2020: Technavio

Efficient and standardized processes throughout our application help get you organized. Location management tools help get the most complex storerooms and point-of-use locations organized, providing enterprise wide visibility so you can find parts needed faster and easier. Knowing what it is, where it is and how many and often you use it is just a click away.

Robust reports provide the information required to optimize your inventory. In the often-called true integrator model, the Integrator or third party sourcing agent positions itself between the MRO suppliers and the stakeholders that use the indirect materials. In most cases, the maintenance personnel, electricians, millwrights and pipe-fitters are isolated from the technical expertise of the suppliers they rely on for training and proper installation of the products they use to keep the plant running efficiently.

Our approach provides the greatest opportunity for cost reductions. Robust location and inventory management tools allow for easy organization of the most complex stocking conditions. You choose the suppliers you want or we can help you with your supply base rationalization initiative.

You can begin with a single supplier VMI program and then strategically add suppliers that support your maintenance team and purchasing team initiatives. Before you know it, you will have the most efficient integrated supply program up and running. We integrate our technology and standardized business processes with the suppliers that provide the parts and technical expertise your maintenance team needs.

The MRO Integrated Supply Model that lowers cost and improves productivity Our approach provides the greatest opportunity for cost reductions.Need Help? I have a ver I have worked with MRO in India. Hello sir, i'm saurabh goyal working as a research analyst in a procurement firm in india. I'm working on a project which needs information on mro integrated supply in north america scope is limited to north america only.

mro integrator

The data required, not limited to, is: 1 market revenue from mro integrators and volumes related to it. I would like to know if you can help us in this regard. If yes, we can discuss on the future course of action. Looking forward to hear from you. Regards, saurabh goyal. Mro for pharmaceutical industry looking for salespersons with mro background to provide information on the following 1. Key supplier base for mro globally 4 regions americas, emea, apac 2.

Penetration level of mro integrator across these regions? What are the price review mechanisms used and the performanse based mechanisms. Thanks, jagadeesh. Looking for experts who have profound knowledge of mro operations of food industry in uk. Below are few questions that we would want your expertise on.

Supply - demand landscape of mro market in uk and globally specific to food industry. To understand if integrator model is best suited for food industry. To achieve cost savings through better negotiations and inventory management.

Regards ashish. Hello zintro team, i am looking for the best in class mro integrators operating solely in india. Will you be able to provide this info? A list of such vendors would be great.

Consistency, Discipline Essential to Sustaining Value in the MRO Supply Chain

Looking for mro experts who can provide information on the following benchmark questions usa region focus : 1. Percentage of your suppliers that can be segmented as best practices : a. Tier 1 suppliers preferred suppliers — strategic and focus is on continuous improvement, innovation, mutual cost benefits and value creation. Tier 2 suppliers — focus is on performance, risk management and cost savings c.

Tier 3 suppliers commoditized relationship — focus is on contract management and savings tracking 2. Percentage spend with suppliers that can be segmented as best practices : a.


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