Pasco county informants

Snitching for the feds can be dangerous work, but it also can be pretty lucrative. The Drug Enforcement Administration won't say who he is or why he does what he does, but some information about him slipped out in court this week after the DEA used him in a heroin sting. The judge was a Miami police sergeant and respected defense lawyer for years before his appointment to the bench.

The informant, whatever his name is, does not appear to fit the usual profile of stereotypical snitches. It's common, especially in South Florida, for people who get caught doing something illegal to cooperate with authorities to try to get a better deal for themselves or reduce the amount of prison time they must serve.

Federal prosecutors frequently recommend lesser punishments or sentence reductions of 10 percent to 50 percent for defendants who help them bring other criminals to justice.

But in the case of the mystery informant, whom they refer to as a "CS," or confidential source, DEA agents portrayed him as a more enterprising figure.

pasco county informants

After they used him in a law enforcement drug sting that led to the arrests of two men in West Palm Beach, agents wrote four intriguing lines about him in a footnote to the criminal complaint:. The DEA has corroborated CS's information with other evidence and information gathered through the course of its investigations and CS's information has proven to be accurate and reliable.

Defense lawyers representing the two men that he most recently helped to arrest were more skeptical and questioned DEA Special Agent Regina Claxton about the informant.

How a Notorious D.E.A. Informant Busted Criminals - The Backstory - The New Yorker

The judge ordered that they remain locked up pending trial in federal court in Fort Lauderdale. If convicted, they face a maximum of life in federal prison. Melo-Ferreira, 38, a cook and DJ who emigrated to the U. Ithier, 42, a bus driver from Queens, N. Agents said a relative of Melo-Ferreira gave the informant a phone number for Melo-Ferreira, and the two men spoke by phone about the informant procuring at least 8.

After two meetings with Melo-Ferreira and Ithier at a coffee shop in CityPlace, the informant arranged to deliver the heroin to a nearby hotel room a few days later. When the men said the money to pay for the drugs had arrived from "up north," the informant and another person who was working undercover with police agreed to deliver the heroin.

Agents said a woman was also waiting in the hotel room to test the quality of the drug delivery. Most of the interactions were captured on audio or video recordings, or both, authorities said. Prosecutors say informants often have information and access that agents simply can't get on their own. DEA agents and Palm Beach County sheriff's deputies stormed into the hotel room and arrested the two suspects just as the drugs, which were a sham, were to be delivered.

Agent Claxton testified that she has worked with the informant on a number of occasions but is not his formal DEA "handler. The audit, and an earlier review, found the DEA's management and oversight of confidential sources required "significant improvement. Under questioning from Ithier's lawyer Ronald Chapman, Claxton testified the informant had not yet been paid for his recent work, but "possibly" may be paid in the future.

She also said she was not aware of any allegations of misconduct against the informant and did not know how many cases he had worked on in the last 31 years.

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Melo-Ferreira's lawyer Assistant Federal Public Defender Neison Marks told the judge he found it "concerning" and "very worrying" that the case was a sting, involving an informant. He argued that when a law enforcement agency has "that much time and money invested" in an informant, it could leave agents unwilling to challenge or "take him down as an informant" because it could damage a lot of criminal cases. Chapman questioned whether the DEA had legal grounds to enter the hotel room without a search warrant.

The judge acknowledged the defense may try to legally challenge some aspects of the case but said he wasn't going to discuss the public policy aspects of using paid informants in making his decision about detaining the men. You're going to start thinking, 'They're not going to keep paying me that much if I'm not giving them what they want. Even if informants do nothing "dubious," Chapman said, he wonders what they get up to: "Who's he hanging out with to get this information?

I doubt he's getting it at church. The most unusual aspect was the length of time the informant has been working, said Petruzzi, who is not involved in the case. In his experience, Petruzzi said a very high percentage of federal drug cases in South Florida involve informants of some kind. He said he's handled cases where informants received regular payments and others where they received a 25 percent cut of the cash or value of drugs they helped agents find. Paid federal informants usually have written contracts, known as informant agreements or packages, that spell out the terms of their work, and their backgrounds are supposed to be vetted by agents, several lawyers said.Florida Statute Section Additionally, the agency is required to keep documentation demonstrating the date of such training.

We understand the standard operating procedures that local law enforcement agencies must follow when using confidential informants. A person who is considering working as a confidential informant should seek out the services of an experienced criminal defense lawyer.

We can help you understand how to protect your rights as you assert legal defenses that might apply in your case. Contact us for a confidential consultation. Call today.

Under Section See Florida Statute Section Under Florida Statute Section A law enforcement agency that uses confidential informants shall establish written security procedures that, at a minimum:. First Name. Last Name. Johns St. Office: Sammis Law Firm N. Marion St. Jason D. Leslie M. Former Assistant Public Defender Amanda Brunson With over 25 jury trials and 40 bench trials, Amanda is experienced in Jennifer Pond As a paralegal, Jennifer assists the attorneys with the initial intake, filing motions This article was last updated on Thursday, March 21, Schedule a Consultation.

Call us to schedule a time to talk with the attorneys in the office or over the phone. Contact Our Office. Meet Our Attorneys Jason D. Read more Leslie M. Read more Amanda Brunson With over 25 jury trials and 40 bench trials, Amanda is experienced in Read more Meet the Staff Jennifer Pond As a paralegal, Jennifer assists the attorneys with the initial intake, filing motions Read more.When the lawsuit was first filed in April, it had one current and two former employees of the sheriff's office listed as the plaintiff.

On Thursday, the lawsuit grew to 20 plaintiffs. The suit names Sheriff Chris Nocco and several of his top staffers. They were all accused of showing a pattern of racketeering within the sheriff's office.

According to the suit, a female deputy complained that Sergeant Richard Jones and Sergeant Marc Erickson, both with the sheriff's office, were not letting her or other women to give instructions on several training classes because they were women.

Christopher Squitieri, then-coordinator for new member orientations with the Pasco County Sheriff's Office, received the female deputy's complaint. Squitieri approached Sgt.

Jones and Sgt. Erickson and told them he was going to allow the female deputy and other women with proper teaching certifications to teach the classes. After the female deputy and other women were allowed to teach the classes they were certified to teach in, Sgt. Erickson retaliated by making sure every time Squitieri was not the lead supervisor for a class, they would intentionally schedule a male deputy to teach the same classes the female deputy and other women showed interest in teaching, according to the suit.

The suit also said when the "defendants did not get what they wanted, they retaliated against the plaintiffs and confidential informant with internal departmental investigations intended to ruin their careers and in some instances, prevent them from gaining employment with any other law enforcement agency.

We would hope any media organizations looking into these allegations would allow the legal process to be completed. Our response in court will answer all questions and, once the facts come out in court, we are confident these allegations will be proven false. Would you like to receive local news notifications on your desktop? Yes please Not now. News Pasco County. Actions Facebook Tweet Email. Lawsuit accuses Pasco County Sheriff's Office of being 'intoxicated with power' and retaliating.

The lawsuit, originally filed in April, had one current and two former employees of the sheriff's office listed as the plaintiff. On Thursday, the lawsuit listed 20 plaintiffs. Copyright Scripps Media, Inc. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed. Report a typo.In their Pulitzer Prize winning series, St. Short takes advantage of his position as Sheriff. Short's secret investigation.

Short, who is suspended due to fraud.

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Petersburg Times Pasco deputy did not reveal arrest record February 26, Lucy Morgan reveals more questionable acts from the Pasco County Sheriff's department. Short's suspicious business. Petersburg Times May 6, Pasco County's sheriff's department used young girls in a drug investigation. Short gets heated during a phone interview when asked about "Operation CUP. Petersburg Times June 21, Lucy Morgan reveals that many Pasco County Sheriff employees did not disclose important personal information when hired.

Short gives special treatment to the people he likes. Short runs his department. The study is now forcing him to Rogers - St. Short of Pasco County and six others were indicted based on the investigation of the department. Petersburg Times December 18, Pasco County Sheriffs destroyed evidence from a murder case that was critical to solving it.

pasco county informants

Short's indictment caused an uproar amongst his friends and backers. Petersburg Times Staff Writers - St. Short's suspicious acts are being investigated once again. Petersburg Times October 25, The hiring process at Pasco County's sheriff department is unethical and is done by Sheriff John Short's close friend. Powered by DLTS. Skip to Main Content Area.

Inside the Pasco County Sheriff's Department: A Special Report - St. Petersburg Times

Deception for Journalism's Sake: A Database. Petersburg Times Reportage. Petersburg Times undercover investigation undercover reporting. Description In their Pulitzer Prize winning series, St. Media History The reporting was intended for these media types: Newspaper.Dear Readers.

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Thank you. It was worse than even Mencher knew. For unbeknownst to the two men, Leonard was a confidential informant secretly recording their conversations for federal agents. Cosimano, 31, and Mencher, 52, both made several calls to Leonard less than 12 hours after the execution of Paul Anderson, the year-old president of the Cross Bayou chapter of the Outlaws Motorcycle Club.

Those audio recordings were played for a federal jury on Tuesday, as the pair's murder trial continued into its second week. Leonard, 34, was called to the witness stand by the state, sitting just a few feet from his former comrades.

Prosecutors accuse Cosimano and Mencher of riding their motorcycles and tracking Anderson's pick-up truck as he drove north on the Suncoast Parkway into Pasco County on Dec. The two were out for revenge, the state alleges. Anderson and a group of Outlaws had previously beaten up Leonard and another 69ers member at the Local Brewing Company restaurant in Palm Harbor. When Anderson took an exit and stopped at a red traffic light near State Road 54, the state said Cosimano walked up to the truck's window, tapped on the glass, then shot the Outlaws president several times with a Glock 45 semiautomatic pistol.

After the shooting, photos of the two masked bikers sitting on their motorcycles in traffic saturated local news. Frightened, Cosimano called Leonard that night to ask if he had room in his garage, the state said. Mencher told Leonard he had to paint his motorcycle and "tear it apart," according to a recording.

pasco county informants

Leonard told the jury he thought Mencher was trying to hide his bike. In another call recorded Dec. He added later, "I don't mind doing things, but not in broad daylight. During the conversation, Mencher implied that Anderson would not have been allowed to escape. Leonard said he thought Mencher was implying that he was ready to kill Anderson if Cosimano failed to do so. It started with stolen biker vests. Neither Cosimano nor Mencher knew Leonard was working for the government at the time, according to the state.

To them, Leonard was the founder of the Hillsborough County branch of the 69ers club — what members called the "Killsborough" chapter. But Leonard became a confidential informant working for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives in mid It was part of his plea deal involving a case of illegally selling guns in New York state. He helped federal agents monitor his fellow 69ers in Tampa before and after Anderson's death.This feature on the EF!

Sadly, the names on this list are people who can never be trusted again in activist circles or resistance movements. We aim to present short summaries of these individuals, so that they are consolidated in a single location. There is very likely more information, including additional photos, to be found for each individual through online search engines and resources designed to gather personal information on people some of which cost money.

We hope that this page will serve as a useful starting point for those seeking to do further research. We only post information on this page that can be verified to the greatest extent possible through public documents—in most cases, their plea agreements.

In political infiltration cases, an agent will typically pose as a sympathizer to a particular organization, gain the trust of its key members and then use this access to gather confidential information to pass on to the investigative agency. A secondary objective may be to lay the groundwork for a separate investigation. Undercover agents typically concoct a cover story as detailed as the assignment requires as well as a basic biography and plausible story covering past and present activities.

Informant : Individuals who are not employed as law enforcement agents who provide law enforcement agents with information, often in exchange for money. An informant ordinarily has previous involvement in — and more intimate knowledge of — the movement or organization that the agents are investigating. Cooperating witnesses will testify in court in exchange for lesser or no charges filed against them.

Law enforcement recruits informants and cooperating witnesses from the ranks of people already active within the movements or organizations being targeted. The government often threatens these individuals with charges carrying massive jail time, offering to not file charges in exchange for a promise to inform on others in the movement. Undercover agents, on the other hand, use false pretenses from the beginning of their association with any movement or organization.

The U. Hair: brown. Eyes: hazel. Race: white. Informant Status : Testified against Peter Young on charges related to cutting fences and liberating min k from a series of fur farms in October Current Information : He was released on His school department profile: www.

She attended various gatherings, meetings and protests up until January when Eric McDavidLauren Weiner, and Zachary Jenson were arrested in Auburn, CA, and charged with conspiracy to destroy public and private property.

During her time with the trio, Anna wore a wire, had a recording device in her car, possibly her bag, and the house they were living in that the Feds paid for was wired. She reported back to the feds about anyone and everyone she came into contact with—not just Eric, Zach and Lauren. Her work entrapping Eric McDavid landed him in prison for a term of almost 20 years. After documents showing signs of entrapment, withheld by prosecution during the trial, were revealed McDavid was released from prison.

Current Information: During her time working for the feds, she dyed her hair frequently—sometimes blond, sometimes red, sometimes brown.Our database currently features over comprehensive profiles on police informants, snitches and rats. Any membership will allow you full access to the entire site including the Police Informant Database. All Membership Sales Are Final. Advertise on this Site. Under NO circumstances will we re-bill your card when your current membership expires.

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